HELP NEEDED! DIY Dresser Makeover

ok… here goes nothing! I have been sitting back in dresser envy, watching all these remakes on Pintrest!!! Now is the time for me to DO something. I have a “few” relics….AKA “hidden treasures”. Hubby refers to them as trash heap material. I am wanting to prove him wrong and make beautiful things…… I have discovered the “cover stain primer” that is the rave on Pintrest and am going to start with this piece as it have been in my basement unused for years….

My idea for this is to change out the hardware and legs and I want to use it in my oversized dinning area below my hanging mirror. Totally open to tips, suggestions and advice to do this. This is my starting place and we will see how it goes from there. I will also post pics of all the other pieces i have and see what feedback for ideas I get for those as well.
Thank you all in advance for taking the time to look and help me out 🙂 I will for sure be posting the before, during and after photos…

Here are a few “treasures” taunting me to remake them…

and also this piece that was given to us years ago…currently collecting dust and gaming stuff.  It is a corner unit with 2 drawers and a shelf on the left side (I think used to have a glass door)